Ullinish Country Lodge

Ullinish Country Lodge

Isle of Skye, Schottland


6 Zimmer in den Kategorien Sula, Toirlean, Oronsay, Harport, Bracadale und The Johnson Room.

(€€) : 190- 249 EUR

Hinweis: Um eine Vergleichbarkeit der Hotels untereinander zu ermöglichen, haben wir die Preise haben wir aus Durchschnittswerten über die Saisonzeiten für die jeweils niedrigste Zimmerkategorie ermittelt. Sie gelten jeweils für 2 Personen im Doppelzimmer inkl. Frühstück.

ULLINISH, LONELY AND WILD; legend has it that its name may be from a Norse word for wolf’s head which aptly describes this distinctive peninsula. Here, surrounded by dramatic views of the Black Cuillin and MacLeod’s Tables, one senses a corner of Skye set apart, less visited, and for that part more mysterious. Here the elusive is found, Sea Eagles and skerries, landfalls of sharp cliffs and windswept grasses, elements timeless and enduring, silent witnesses to cultures and communities long past. And here, just where the track turns is Ullinish Country Lodge. Sheltered by a small brae to the north and surrounded by Lochs on three sides, this historic building too has been host to Highland life for over 300 years.


The celebrated Samuel Johnson and James Boswell stayed at Ullinish in the autumn of 1773 whilst touring the Western Isles, and the Lodge was recorded in their writings thus; ‘We got to Ulinish about six o’clock, and found a very good farm-house, of two stories.’ and referring to the hospitality provided; ‘There is a plentiful garden at Ulinish (a great rarity in Sky).’


Over 200 years later, Ullinish Country Lodge, continues to provide hospitality at the highest level under the attentive eye of owners Brian and Pam Howard. Today you are assured of not only the finest cuisine, but also extremely comfortable and relaxed accommodation.

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