Pleased to meet you....

Stefanie Spengel



Stefanie Spengel, born 1969, fully qualified graduate of the hotel and catering business, Master of Business Administration with focus on tourism. Longtime work experience in Human Resources, Sales, International Coordination as well as work experience abroad.

Andreas Spengel

Andreas Spengel, born 1966, fully qualified graduate of the tourism business, Master of Business Administration with focus on tourism. Longtime work experience at travel agencies, tour operators and airlines with a focal point in Sales & Marketing as well as experience abroad. Very good knowledge of the tourism market.



Both are very experienced travellers and have knowledge in the design of customized vacations.

Our philosophy

We are specialized on customized roundtrips with a focus on Europe.


After getting in contact with the client we are developing an idea what the client is up to and what are his main interests. Then we are able to make some suggestions. According to his preferences we are offering the suitable means of transportation, e.g. flight and rental car combination, ferries, train, own car etc.


However, the central element of our concept are the accommodations. You will not find any faceless chain hotels within our portfolio - our focal point are the small charming hotels and B&B's with a maximum number of about 50 rooms. In very rare cases we are making exceptions - if a hotel is so unique in its caracter and people so we just cannot hold it back from our clients.


It's essential to us that our clients are being treated with sincere affection instead of professional friendliness. Therefore we are very carful in choosing our partner hotels. Many of them we know from personal experiences and the others we are trying to visit as soon as possible. We consider the personal contact with our partners as well as giving and receiving honest feedback as essential for a fair cooperation. 


We don't need to make any block bookings for the season in advance. Rooms will be reserved on a request basis. Usually we agree on fixed net rates or comissions with our partner hotels.


Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than pleased to help or to discuss your ideas!


Please feel free to use our contact form especially designed for our partners, In order to check whether there will be a basis for a future cooperation .